A simple and powerful Content Management System

If you need multi language, multi area, with themes and plugins, multi menus, multi user support with granular permissions with an easy administration panel and a powerful MVC core

Maybe you need X3 CMS

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A small project

That's true, X3 CMS is a small project. It started as a personal project.

Today is a small interesting project with unexpected features to easy create fascinating websites and complex web application.

Small is better: easier to understand and to use, easier to adapt to various needs that a developer or a web agency can meet.

The power of flexibility

As web developer, how many things you need to know as well HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Javascript and OOP?
As web developer, how many times a very simple project remains small?
As web developer, how many times you need to put your hands into inexplicably obscure and complex code?
As web developer, how many times you have to restart from the beginning with another tool?

Have you ever tried X3 CMS?