Welcome to X3CMS

If you see this page the CMS was correctly installed and configured.


What is X3 CMS

X3 CMS is a content management system that was started as a small project which was designed to make easy development and the management of web sites/web applications. The developers believed that smaller is better because it made it easier to understand and to use. As a result, this also makes the system easier to adapt to various needs that a web developer can meet.

Technological Bases

X3 CMS was developed based on PHP. The developer felt it was the easiest programming language to use since it required less time and money when compared with other programming languages

Strengths and Weaknesses 




Very simple to use without tutorial


Does not have a community

Great for beginners who are really interested in web development.


The documentation is poor    

Not very common so less susceptible to attacks


No modules and themes to download  

Audience:Who Should Use It?

  • Young developers who want experience on a CMS that they can really understand and disassemble.

  • Programmers who want a simple basis to develop projects of varying sizes.

  • Web agencies who want to differentiate themselves by offering a solid and manageable product.

Due to the simplicity of the CMS, it is best suited for designing websites such as blogs, portfolios, magazine websites. However, you can also install plugins which allows for the creation of Ecommerce websites allowing developer to accept payments through the website, adding shopping carts, and manage inventory.

Which news?

The big news is the new theme for the administration side. A clean and tidy responsive theme.

A new default theme, as usual a minimalist theme, this time a resposive theme built with Bootstrap.

We also have a new modern logo.

Installed plugins

  • X3Flags to handle multilanguage switcher
  • X3Search to display a search box in the web site
  • X3Form_builder a powerful form manager
  • X3Slideshow to open a lightbox view over a set of images

User guide

If you need some help to use X3 CMS take a look to the HELP ON LINE included in the CMS.
Log in as administrator, on the left side bar you will see an icon with a question mark ?, then switch to the Help On Line tab.

Most of the arguments are already covered. If you are a developer you can find some interesting info about the MVC code of the CMS.